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Looking for shows to watch while you’re stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic? Consider choosing a show that was set in Florida or with Florida connections. With the Sunshine State’s beautiful backdrops (even if some of these shows weren’t actually filmed in Florida), you’re guaranteed to see gorgeous scenery and most likely some wild-and-crazy antics associated with our fine state. This is by no means a “best of” list, but just something to get the binge-watching juices flowing.

Oh, and if you’re actually looking for things to do, you can check out the blog we posted recently on our other site, sharing some fun Florida-themed things to do while you’re stuck at home.

  1. “Tiger King.” We are relentlessly jumping on the “Tiger King” pop culture bandwagon with including this one. Although the new Netflix reality docuseries is mostly in Oklahoma—the home to “Joe Exotic”—there are several Florida connections, including Big Cat Rescue in Tampa and Maria Tabraue, an exotic animal owner/former drug dealer alluded to have inspired “Scarface” (an infamous film also tied to Florida). Joe Exotic—words alone just can’t describe him—is definitely an honorary #FloridaMan.
  2. Dexter.” This dark series from Showtime, set in Miami, focused on a serial killer who would only kill those he deemed as bad people. Dexter’s “dark passenger” made for some great acting and there are some great scenery shots, too, although we later learned the series filmed mostly in Long Beach, California, and not Miami. You can also find “Dexter” on Netflix. We especially recommend Seasons 1 to 4, the final of which featured the brilliant John Lithgow.
  3. Golden Girls.” This could be just the “comfort food TV” you need right now. The four gals who feel like good friends lived it up in Miami (actually, it was filmed in front of a live studio audience in California), contending with friendships, relationships, and a leftover slice of pie. Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.
  4. “Bloodline.” Focusing on family drama, “Bloodline” features Sissy Spacek, Kyle Chandler, and other great actors managing the Rayburn family empire when their brother, the black sheep of the family, returns to town. The series is set in the Florida Keys and has tons of beautiful scenery to almost make you feel like you’re there. Available on Netflix, “Bloodline” stopped filming when it became too pricey to film in Florida.
  5. “Miami Vice.” Pastel suits, anyone? If you were alive in the 80s, you know the ubiquitous theme song to “Miami Vice,” is like Pavlov’s dog, calling you to the TV set. Miami police officers Crockett and Tubbs had fashion sense for their times, and Sonny Crockett even kept a pet alligator on his houseboat (don’t try that at home, kids). “Miami Vice” was shot in South Beach, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. It’s available on various streaming services.
  6. Burn Notice.” This USA Network comedic series focused on a spy who was made to leave his job, or “burned.” The show was actually shot all around Miami, including the Opa-locka/Hialeah Flea Market and the Biltmore Hotel, according to a Miami New Times article. It’s available on various streaming services. It’d be a good show to binge if you need comedy mixed with action and Hawaiian shirts.
  7. Floribama Shore” and “Siesta Key.” If you need something that’s completely mindless, check out these two MTV reality shows. You’ll see plenty of good-looking people cavorting together on the beach (remember the days when people gathered on the beach in groups?) with the requisite Sunshine State scenery. “Floribama Shore” is set in Panama Beach, and “Siesta Key” is set in, well, Siesta Key—named this year the best beach in the U.S.

We know there are dozens more shows set in Florida, not to mention many movies. Feel free to share other faves you have in the comments or on social media to help out others looking for something to watch!

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